April 22, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Frank Oliver


Mr. FRANK OLIVER (Alberta).

I think the hon. mover of the motion (Mr. Cowan) spoke very truly when he said, that there should be some substantial reason for referring a Bill back to a Standing Committee after that Bill has been fully discussed and decided upon by the committee. I do not agree with him that on this occasion the reason given is a substantial one. The Bill was discussed before the committee during the entire two hours of sitting. While the committee was at a loss for the lack of the presence of the hon. member (Mr. Cowan), the solicitors of the Bill were present, and another member of the House, certainly a very prominent member of the House assumed charge of the Bill for the occasion. There is no "question but that the committee was thoroughly aware of the merits of the Bill and there was no question as to the vote of the committee. To call in question the vote of the committee is to call in question the ruling of the chairman, which has not been done so far during this session of parliament. I think all the members of the Railway Committee will bear me out when I say, that the Chairman (Mr. Hyman) has been scrupulously correct in his rulings ; and on this occasion as on others.

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