April 22, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Charlton



I was not imputing motives. I say that the hon. gentleman's friends are very anxious to have the deck clear and this company obliterated, and I am drawing an inference from that statement. Who is anxious for this, and what is the reason ? Can a company be formed in place of the present one which can finish the road any sooner ? Why, the new company would have to get a charter and could npt take the first step until another session. The present company, however, asks for two years from next July in which to build the road, and it is not in the bounds of reason to suppose that any other company can excel this one in celerity in giving to v this locality the railway accommodation it requires. Under the circumstances, the public interest cannot suffer by giving the extension asked. Any company that may succeed this one is prevented by physical means from completing the road any sooner than the time in which the present company pledges itself to complete it. The present company has given evidence of good faith by having performed certain work, by having put up money, and by asking for a limited period in which to complete the enterprise, and the fact that it could not get

iron last year, and consequently could not proceed with the work, points to the conclusion that justice will not be done if this Bill be not referred back to the committee.

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