April 28, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Archibald Campbell



Then we have the Hamilton and Lake Erie Power Company also granted a charter by this House, and we have the Continental Light and Heat Company. All these charters have been granted by this parliament on precisely the
same conditions as this company, asking the same privileges for generating heat, light and electricity by hydraulic power, and furnishing it to municipalities and corporations along the line. Parliament has never insisted on those companies being forced to do so, compelled, whether they can or not. The committee can readily see that if that word ' shall ' goes in there instead of ' may,' and if, for any cause, they are unable to furnish the power that might be demanded of them, they would be put in a very disastrous position. The men at the head of this company are men of standing, men of ability, their financial strength is undoubted, they are going on in a regular way, and propose to enter into this as a business venture, and will, I have no doubt, supply all the corporations, municipalities and persons along the line as far as they are able to do it. I, for one, must protest against the amendment that is proposed by the member for Toronto.

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