April 28, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)



I am inclined to agree altogether with the hon. member for West York (Mr. Campbell). In the first place, we have incorporated a large number of companies giving practically the same power that is given to this company. If it is desirable to have legislation along the lines suggested by the hon. member for West Toronto, then, it should be incorporated in a general Act and all companies should come under this general Act the same as railway companies do. Imagine picking out the Canadian Pacific Railway and saying that that road should be subject to a certain regulations to be fixed by the city of Toronto and at the same time exempting all other companies. It seems to me that if there is anything in the suggestions made by the hon. member for West Toronto they should be introduced into a general Act and made applicable to all companies similarly situated. The city of Toronto was represented by its solicitor before the committee when this Bill was considered and he appeared to agree with the changes and amendments made. Other representatives from the city of Toronto were also preseut at the committee and there was not any prolonged discussion of the matter. There are no extraordinary privileges being granted to this company ; they are simply asking for the usual Act of incorporation to enable them to do business. The hon. gentleman gives notice of an amendment proposing to strike out of clause 13 the words ' unnecessary damage.' Perhaps the committee have gone further on this occasion than is customary in other incorporations of this kind, because, when this point was brought to the attention of the committee, they did strike out the word ' unnecessary.' So, the Bill has been amended so far as this point is concerned. I submit that the amendments of which the hon. member for West Toronto has given notice should be incor-

porated in general legislation and not applied to this Bill, thus placing other companies that have already been incorporated in a better position than this company which is composed of most substantial men and men who are probably more likely than any other to carry out what is desirable in bringing electrical power to Niagara Falls and distributing it through that section of Ontario. I do not know what view I might take upon the merits of these suggestions if they came before the House in a proper way, but, I think it would be most unfair that they should be specially directed against this company, preventing them from going on with their business and leaving the work which they propose to do in the hands of others who are now incorpi'ated. I think that we should not direct this special legislation against this company while not applying it to all other companies.

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