April 3, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Chisholm



I wish to cal! the attention of the Minister of Public Works to a return which was ordered by the House on March 23, 1914, and laid on the table yesterday, which purported to show the amount expended in public works in Antigonish county since October 11, 1911. That return is grossly inaccurate. It states that the amount expended since October, 1911, was $75,797.50. When I looked at that first, I thought a mistake had been made in the copying, and that the correct amount was $7,597, which would be more nearly correct than $75,000. I observe that places are mentioned in this return that are not in Antigonish county at all-Battery Point, for instance, and other places. I observe also that the return states that amounts [DOT]of $21,094.97 and $1,315.93 were expended since 1911 for Antigonish public buildings. No question was asked about public buildings; the question was with regard to public works. That statement, however, is grossly inaccurate, beca/use that money was expended, not since 1911, but six or seven years ago, and why it was put in the return I do not know. I observe also that the return states that an amount of $13,130 for Breen's Pond was expended since 1911, whereas that work was performed before 1911. All through the return is inaccurate, and I draw the attention of the Minister of Public Works to this fact so that the matter may be corrected before his Estimates are brought up for consideration. The Minister of Public Works may remember that on December 28, 1912, just on the eve of an election in Antigonish county, a promise of $205,000 for public works in that county was made in a letter addressed to Senator Girroir.

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