April 8, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John Gillanders Turriff



I was about to ask how it came that after the general expectation, [DOT]after the general statement by many members opposite that there was going to be a great and. general reduction dn the duties on implements that in the end it simmered down to about ninety cents a year to the average farmer who runs a 320 acre farm, a reduction of 5 per cent on binders and mowers and absolutely nothing else. I wonder if the refusal of the Government to go any further than that synchronizes with the flop-over of Senator Jones from the Liberal party to the Conservative party. It looks very much as if it did. It seems to me that if there was any man in Canada who had good reason to stand by his party it was Senator Jones, the president of the Massey Harris Company. When, years ago, this party was on the other side of the House and made some reduction in the duties on agricultural implements, a drawback was given' on the duty paid on the material that went into their manufacture, and I am told that, according to the Auditor General's Report, last year the Massey-Harris Company drew $165,000 in drawbacks. But because the Liberal party came to the conclusion that 'the time had come when free implements should be given to the farmers, this man, who had got every consideration, who was made a senator and who was knighted, who had ' Sir ' put before his name by the kindly offices of this party-I do not know whether the leader of the Opposition at that time put the hyphen in his name or whether that was put in by himself-at all events he is the last man who could say that he was not well treated by this party. But because this party favoured helping the farmers, he apparently went to my hon. friends opposite and made a deal by which, if they would only cut the duties to ninety cents a year for each farmer, he would transfer his allegiance from the Liberal party to the Conservative party. Hon. gentlemen on the Government benches are getting the benefit of this deal but they are not paying for it, it is the farmers of Canada who are paying for the support of my hon. friend, Senator Jones, to the Conservative party. Every farmer in every province in Canada must pay an extra price for his agricultural implements in order that hon. gentlemen now on the Treasury benches may have the support of Senator Jones in the future.
[Mi-. Turriff.]

Subtopic:   THE BUDGET.
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