April 8, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John Gillanders Turriff



one-half of the wheat is shipped. But he might have added that it was the entry of cattle into the United States during the last three months of the last .calendar year that helped to swell the exports. The Wilson Tariff came into force on the 6th of October and up to the 31st of December, 150,000 head of cattle had been exported from Canada to the United States and only 1,000 to Great Britain during those three months. I am speaking in round numbers. One hundred and fifty times as many cattle were exported to the United States, and why?-simply because the American people offered a bigger price than the Canadian farmer could get at home. Does the fact that the American people are shipping cattle to Great Britain cut. any figure in that respect? What does it matter to the Canadian farmer who has ten head of steers to sell if he can get $10 or $20 more in the United States than he can get from a Canadian buyer to ship to Liverpool? What difference does it make to him if the United States ship out -some hundreds of thousands of catttle to Great Britain? That shows the Minister of Finance what the taking off of duties will do.
If he would only take the duties off other farm products he would have no trouble with delegations coming from the manufacturers, because, by putting the farmer in a position to get value for his products, he would keej^ the manufacturers, busy. As long as you hamper the farmer, as long as you keep him from getting value for his products, just so long will you keep him a poor man and just so long will you keep the manufacturers working half time and coming here and asking for more protection in the hope that it will do away with the depression. You cannot do away with the depression by increasing the burdens of the people. You cannot do away with the depression by taking the money that the farmer earns and preventing him from putting it in his own pocket.
Mr. SAM. SHABPE: Are you advocating free trade?

Subtopic:   THE BUDGET.
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