April 8, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John Gillanders Turriff



My hon. friend is a
worthy disciple of the Finance Minister. Free trade, in my hon. friend's mind is free trade in everything; free trade in food means free trade in everything. There is no man in Canada less anxious to hurt the manufacturers than I am. If you want to help the manufacturer .make a market for him at home; put money into the pockets of the farmers so that they can buy and pay for the goods of the manufacture

CMr. Turriff.]
Why are the manufacturers working half time to-day? Is it because of a falling off in the exports of manufactures? No, but it is because the Canadian farmer, the worker, the artisan and the labourer are not able to buy the products of the manufacturer If you want to remedy that condition, put the farmer in a better position and do it in such a way as not to hurt the manufacturer. How is it going to hurt the manufacturer if you give the farmer free wheat? How is it going to hurt the manufacturer if you secure a free market in the United States for the farmer's oats, barley and flax? Hon. gentlemen opposite have a habit of saying that because we have free cattle and a few other items such as free hogs and sheep-

Subtopic:   THE BUDGET.
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