June 1, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Wilfrid Laurier (Leader of the Official Opposition)



On the explanation made by my hon. friend of the motives which have impelled him to bring down this Bill, I certainly am disposed to agree with him. Whether or not the enactment of the Bill will answer the purpose remains to be seen when we see the Bill in print. Up to the present time I have no fault to find; on the contrary, I commend the action taken by my hon. friend to have this awful calamity which has just befallen us investigated by the most ample, complete and searching inquiry by the highest possible authorities we can find. I am aware that we have in this country men competent to take part in this inquiry, but the suggestion of my hon. friend that the British Government should also be invited to take part in it and to select a commissioner is one which I think will commend itself to the judgment of the people, not only because the ship which has gone down is upon the British regis-

ter, but on account of the naturally superior knowledge and experience of men in Great Britain connected with shipping matters. We have within our own shores experienced and able men; but every one will agree that the experience of some of the British officers will be of great value in this inquiry. If the inquiry is to be based upon this Bill, the Bill ought to be passed into law as soon as possible, and on this side of the House we shall be very happy to facilitate its early passage.

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