June 2, 1914 (12th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Pugsley



By the time-table we
find that the Ocean Limited arrives at Moncton at 3.55 in the afternoon, about fifty-five minutes after the train has left for St. John, or fifty-five minutes too late to make connection with St. John; and, in order to utilize the road by way of Moncton, the passenger arriving at Moncton has to remain there about three hours before he can get another train to take him to St. John. The same remark applies to the service north; a passenger must remain two or three hours at Moncton if he desires to take the Ocean Limited. There is no sleeping
car connection, and the whole service is designed to cut out St. John as a point to be served by the Ocean Limited. I believe that the service which has been advertised for this season is worse, eo far as St. John and other points west of Moncton are concerned, than it has ever been before, and I cannot but believe-

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