August 19, 1914 (12th Parliament, 4th Session)


Thomas Simpson Sproule (Speaker of the House of Commons)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I have the honour to inform the House that when the House did attend His Royal Highness the Governor General this day in the Senate Chamber, His Royal Highness was pleased to deliver a Speech to both Houses of Parliament. To prevent mistakes I have obtained a copy, which is as follows:
Honourable Gentlemen of the Senate:
Gentlemen of the House of Commons:
Very grave events vitally affecting the interests of all His Majesty's dominions have transpired since prorogation. The unfortunate outbreak of war made it immediately imperative for my ministers to take extraordinary measures for the defence of Canada and for the maintenance of the honour and integrity of our Empire.
With respect to such of these measures as may require the sanction and approval of Parliament, the necessary legislative proposals will be submitted for your consideration. Other bills authorizing additional measures which are essential for the public safety will also be presented to you without .delay. '
Gentlemen of the House of Commons:
Estimates will be laid before you to provide for expenditure which has been or may be caused by the outbreak of hostilities.
Honourable Gentlemen of the Senate:
Gentlemen of the House of Commons:
The critical period into which we have just entered has aroused to the full the patriotism and loyalty which have always actuated the Canadian people. From every province and indeed from every community the response to the call of duty has been all that could be desired. The spirit which thus animates Canada inspires also His Majesty's dominions throughout the world; and we may be assured that united action to repel the common danger will not fail to strengthen the ties that bind together those vast dominions in the possession and enjoyment of the blessings of British liberty.
As representative of His Majesty the King, I must add my expression of thanks and admiration for the splendid spirit of patriotism

and generosity that has been displayed throughout the length and breadth of the Dominion.
On motion of Sir Robert Borden, it was ordered that the Speech of His Royal Highness the Governor General to both Houses of Parliament be taken into consideration on Wednesday next.

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