August 22, 1914 (12th Parliament, 4th Session)


William Pugsley



I would suggest to my hon. friend that the personnel of this corporation is not sufficiently extended nor is it thoroughly representative of the whole Dominion of Canada. Another objection is that the premiers of the several provinces are by name made members of the corporation. As to the Lieutenant-Governors, I see that special provision is made in the Bill in case of change in that office. In the same way I think that the section should make the premiers of the several provinces for the time being members of the Corporation. They are made members of the corporation because they are premiers, and when one of these gentlemen ceases to be premier his successor in the premiership should take his place in this corporation. I observe also that the office of the corporation is to be in the city of Ottawa. Necessarily, therefore, it is in Ottawa that the principal executive work will be done. And yet the number of gentlemen belonging to the city of Ottawa who are included in this list is very limited. One could recall to mind many representative gentlemen living in Ottawa who might very properly be members of the corporation.' There is also a marked omission in this list. One gentleman in Canada has contributed half a million to this fund, and yet his name is not included here. I think that the list of names should be very thoroughly revised, and my hon. friend ought to consider whether the number ought not to be enlarged in accordance with the suggestions I have made.

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