August 22, 1914 (12th Parliament, 4th Session)


William John Macdonald

Conservative (1867-1942)


I think that the suggestions made by the hon. member for Queens and Sunbury (Mr. H. H. McLean) are very apt. The far-away parts of the Dominion, if I may use the phrase, speaking from the Ottawa standpoint, are very inadequately represented in the corporation which is to administer this fund. The official governor or the premier of the province is largely occupied with duties peculiar to his particular part of the Dominion, and I think that there might be found representa-

tive men in each province who would give their services to this organization, and be the means of communication in regard to particular cases that might arise in each province. I apprehend that, on account of the number of men who are going, the necessity for this fund will be very much greater and its operations far more extensive than the case in respect of the jund which was established at the time jof the South African war. It certainly would be desirable and absolutely necessary that those of us who come from the faraway provinces, either in the East or in the West, should have some active, well-known representative on the administrative body, so that we might have some means of communication on behalf of the people who come from our respective provinces. Some one suggested that members of Parliament and senators might be ex-officio members of the corporation. I am not prepared to say that I agree absolutely with that suggestion.
I do think that there ought to be local recognition of men from the various provinces in order that this'plan may workout satisfactorily. As a matter of course, the names of Mr. J. K. L. Ross andMr. John C. Eaton whose subscriptions already have been of such a magnificient character, should be inluded in the list of incorporators; but, as we are all anxious to have this scheme put on a proper basis, the personnel of the incorporators, the names set out in section 2 of the people who are to compose the corporation, should be extended in some degree in order to attain the object which has been suggested by my hon. friend.

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