February 25, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


Charles Marcil



I would like to call the
attention of the Postmaster General to the post office at New Richmond West, in my constituency, which has lately been closed owing to the introduction of a rural mail service. This post office has been in existence for sixty years, and near to it is a school attended by 100 children. The institution of the rural mail service does not seem to have been accepted by all the people interested, and I have received copies of a petition, which I understand has also been sent to the minister, signed by a large number of people in that locality. The introduction of the rural mail service has had the effect of depriving those people of the outgoing mail on the same day as they receive the incoming mail-the trains meet at New Richmond-so that the rural mail service is not an improvement in that locality. I will send the minister the letters if he cares to see them, and in view of the facts I have stated, perhaps he might look into the matter and see if the old post office, which has been in existence for over sixty years, could not be re-established.

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