March 31, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


Auguste-Charles-Philippe-Robert Landry (Speaker of the Senate)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I submit herewith a report of the Clerk of the House with reference to certain changes in the organization of the Hansard -section of the reporting branch of -the House of Commons. Some of these changes, which have been in operation since the opening of the present session, have been found to be very satisfactory and not attended with any increase- of expense.

The views expressed in the said report meet with my approval and I recommend that the same be ciarrie-d into effect:
House of Commons,
March 2S, 1916.
Sir,-In response to your request for a report on the work of the Reporting Branch (Hansard Section) of the House of Commons, since the transfer of its secretary to the Votes and Proceedings Branch of the service, I beg to report that, following upon your directions, at the beginning of this session, the editors of debates took over ail the secretarial duties, and I understand that the work of the branch has proceeded most satisfactorily. There being no longer any occasion for a secretaryship as a separate position, I recommend that no further appointment he made and that the office be abolished.
As Mr. Owens has been relieved of reportorial work, a temporary transfer from the committee section of a reporter was made to the Hansard section. This, by reason of the secretary's- salary being no longer required, occasioned no additional expense.
I beg further to recommend, as a consequence of this change, that Mr. Owens, on account of his long service and experience, he designated
Editor of Debates " to act conjointly with Mr. Horton, instead of " Associate Editor of Debates and Reporter," and that the editors of debates have equal responsibility in regard to the work of the Hansard Section of the Reporting Branch of the House.
I am, sir,
Tour obedient servant,
Thos. B. Flint, Clerk of the House.
The Honourable
The Speaker of
The House of Commons.

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