March 31, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


William Pugsley



I rise to a question of privilege for the purpose of correcting a statement which appears in Hansard purporting to have been made by me during the remarks of the hon. member for Richmond (Mr. Kyte). It will be found on page 2379 of Hansard. Mr. Kyte was speaking, and he used these words:
Mr. Kyte: I wonder if I am making any
impression upon hon. gentlemen opposite.
Some hon. Members: None whatever.
Mr. Kyte: Well, then it is just what I expected, so I am not surprised.
Mr. Pugsley: The longer you speak the less the impression.
What I said was: "The worse the story the less the impression." I would be glad if that would be corrected in the revised edition.

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