April 7, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


John Gillanders Turriff



I wish to draw the attention of the Government and of the hon. Acting Minister of Railways and Canals to the following telegram which I received this morning:
Esteven, Sask., April 6.
J. G. Turriff, M.P.,
Ottawa, Ont.
Canadian Northern line Estevan Carlyle blocked for several weeks and no effort being made to relieve serious situation; Lampman and other points out of coal; severe weather still prevails; please use your good offices to get line opened.
(Sgd.) Estevan Board of Trade.
There should not be much excuse, for no efforts having been made to open that line, because I brought this matter to the attention of the House repeatedly over two months ago, when the condition was very bad. The people had at that time been 25 days without 'a train and were suffering from lack of coal and food. This line connects with the main line from Winnipeg to Regina, and there should riot be any great difficulty in getting it opened.
The other railways in that part of the country have been running all winter. Four days is the longest tie-up at one time on any of them. So there i^ very little excuse for this condition of affairs. I brought this matter to the attention of the chairman of the Railway Commission this morning. They had advice of it, but not enough was done by the railway company. The acting Minister of Railways should get after the railway company, and see that they give some sort of accommodation to the settlers.

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