April 7, 1916 (12th Parliament, 6th Session)


Joseph-Adélard Descarries

Conservative (1867-1942)


I desire to call the attention of the Acting Minister of Railways and Canals and of the Acting Minister of Militia to a letter which the Imperial Oil Company has written to the Lachine Manufacturing Company concerning the transportation of petroleum. The letter is as follows:
Toronto, Ont., 31st March, 1916. Messrs. La Cie ManufacturiSre de Lachine, Lachine, Qu6.
Dear Sirs,-We desire to call your attention to the fact that both the Grand Trunk railway and the Canadian Pacific railway have issued embargoes, which have the effect of prohibiting shipments of petroleum and its products to you.
Therefore, we believe it is absolutely necessary, in order to prevent the serious condition which is bound to occur if you do not receive promptly shipments of petroleum and its products, which you use in the manufacture of war materials, to take up with the Minister of Militia and advise him as to how serious this action on the part of the railroads is going to effect the manufacture and deliveries by you of such war materials and request that he should issue such instructions to the railroads as will compel them to make an exception of petroleum and its products in all their embargoes.
We have felt that the situation as existing today on the railroads is so serious that, unless we have your co-operation, there is no way to predict what the result will be.
Tours truly,
(Sgd.) The Imperial Oil Company, Limited.
I only ask if the hon. ministers will cooperate in an endeavour to find a remedy for that situation.

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