May 4, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Daniel Duncan McKenzie


Mr. D. D. McKENZIE (Cape Breton):

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the hon. member for Sherbrooke (Mr. McCrea) who had to leave the House, I beg to read a telegram which he has just received from Sherbrooke. It is as follows:

Sherbrooke, P.Q., May 3.
F. N. McCrea, M.P.,
House of Commons. Ottawa.
The provision merchants of the City of Sherbrooke, at a public meeting held on the third day of May, 1917, unanimously adopted1 the following resolution: "Whereas, according to the
Gazette, in reply to a question, the Hon. Mr. Burrell has informed the House that there is at this date a million bushels of potatoes in Canada, generally held by the farmers^ of Alberta, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Whereas, by messages and letters addressed to dealers of potatoes in the Maritime Provinces, the reply is that there is no stock to offer, and in most cases there is no reply at all; furthermore, that the ruling price in Montreal being prohibitive, there are no potatoes obtainable in our section; we therefore respectfully ask our deputy, Mr. F. N. McCrea, to inquire again from the hon. minister if he maintains his figures as being correct at this moment, and, if so, to give sufficient information so that a part of that surplus may be imported to this section without further delay.
This is signed by Mr. N. Lacroix and about twenty others, grocers, I presume, of Sherbrooke. I am requested to ascertain from the Minister of Agriculture if there is any information which he can give m connection with this matter.

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