July 18, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Frank Broadstreet Carvell



The board has the power to prescribe what shall be a lawful cattle guard. I cannot tel'1 offhand what the regulations are, but I have sufficient faith in the board to feel that they will provide the best cattle guard known to them.
There have been a great many thousands of dollars spent by the Government, and I know it has been a question as to which is the best cattleguard. I think they have all come back to the old slat on an inclined plane. However, that is the general principle of law. You will find that all the rights of the farmer are protected. Of course, if he leaves his gates open, or throws down his fences, or turns his animals loose upon the highway, he has no right to claim compensation and the company should not be liable.

Topic:   P520 COMMONS
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