July 19, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


George Eulas Foster (Minister of Trade and Commerce)

Conservative (1867-1942)


Communications passed between the British Government, my department, and the Marine and Fisheries Department, and arrangements were made by which, it being almost impossible to get private vessels, Admiralty transport vessels coming from the other side would bring salt when the salt was at such ports that it could be taken on those transports without too much delay. Instructions were given and advice sent that all the importing companies or importers should, through their agents, get into communication with the High Commissioner in London and, through him, with the Admiralty Office, so that /details could be arranged on the spot. Various cargoes of salt have under that arrangement been brought by transport to Newfoundland and to Nova Scotia, but as I understand it, some difficulty arose as to the charge that was made for the freight, the Nova Scotia importers contending that the charge was too great and that it was really prohibitive. The Newfoundland importers, however, paid the charges and got their salt-plenty of it. I think it would have been possible for the Nova Scotia importers to have received theirs if they had agreed to the Admiralty charge. That arrangement is still open and can be taken advantage of by any importer under the conditions that I have mentioned; but the Government itself has not even a peck of salt and cannot supply any.

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