July 19, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


William Pugsley



My religious training has not been along the lines "of that of the hon. member of South Renfrew (Mr. Graham). If divinity students of all denominations are to be treated alike, I would rather see the words "divinity students" left in.
Mr. PiROULX: The amendment of the
member for Rouville has reference only to persons who are attending divinity or theological schools. I understand that he has used these words in order to meet the objections made by some hon.. gentlemen on the other side. Some one has suggested that if divinity students were exempted there might be a rush towards these orders or to the ministry. By the addition of the wprds suggested by the member for Rouville, the exemption would apply only to bona fide divinity students. For that reason il approve my hpn. friend's amendment.

Subtopic:   MILITARY SERVICE ACT, 1917.
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