July 20, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


William Pugsley



Mr. Speaker, I rise to a question of privilege concerning a matter to which I referred when the Military Service Bill was in committee. On the 6th day of June of this year, as reported on page 2149 on Hansard, at a time when I did not happen to be in the House, my right hon. friend the Prime Minister in connection with an Order in Council which had been passed providing for the appointment of two judges to inquire into the report of Mr. Justice Galt in a matter which concerned my hon. friend the Minister of Public Works, made use of these words: -
My right hon. friend (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) challenges the action we have taicen and challenges the reflections which have been made

upon Mr. Justice Galt in the letter written to me from the Minister of Public Works. I should like to remind him that on a certain occasion one of his colleagues who sits beside him used infinitely stronger language, if my memory is correct, with regard to Mr. Justice Landry of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick, and he did so without any reproof from my right hon. friend. I am perfectly willing to contrast the action which we have taken in this matter with that which my right hon. friend took on that occasion. Findings had been made by a commission of which Mr. Justice Landry was a member. Those findings reflected seriously upon a member of my right hon.. friend's Government. The matter was brought to the attention of Parliament, and it was urged by a motion in this House that such a finding should he disregarded.
I think the word "not" has been left out there.

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