July 20, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


William Pugsley



I will come to that in a moment. My right hon. friend the Minister of Trade and Commerce (Sir George Foster) was then leading member of the Opposition, and he requested the then Premier of New Brunswick, now the Minister of Marine and Fisheries (Mr. Hazen), to send the report of this commission here ' for the purpose of being acted upon. He referred to the fact that I might seek to rely upon the evidence to show the report was fal-se, but he said that they proposed to get after me before I would have a chance to get the evidence. Now let me read the letter. This has been brought down in the Legislature of New Brunswick. The letter reads as follows:
House of Commons, Ottawa, April, 14, 1909.
Dear Mr. Hazen :-
I telegraphed you this morning re the Comm. Reports and trust you have sent me a number. As to copy of evidence I put that in in case you have it printed which probably you have not. It is, I suppose, voluminous. Why I did so was for this reason. Pugsley so far as now appears will try to bluff the matter out of the House here as not pertaining to Federal affairs.

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