August 11, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Frank Broadstreet Carvell



While I entirely agree with the object of the present Bill, I should like to see another clause added to embody the principle of an amendment passed by the Banking and Commerce Committee when the insurance law was under consideration some three or four years ago- to make it a criminal offence for the agent of a bank to engage in the occupation of an insurance agent. I realize that I am raising an entirely new point, but I cannot allow this opportunity to pass without at least calling it to the attention of the committee. I do not know to what extent this has become a grievance in Canada as a whole, but I do know that in the province of New Brunswick we have at least one case that has become a public scandal. The agent of one of the big chartered banks of Canada carries on a private insurance business, and practically controls the entire insurance of a very large section of the province of New Brunswick. No man can do business with, or get accommodation from, this bank unless all his insurance, or that of the corporation to which he belongs, goes to the agent of the bank. It works out in two ways. In the first place, he drives everybody else out of business; no other insurance agent can thrive in that district. He may do a little business with some of his friends, but when it comes to the big business he is driven out. In the second place, to my personal knowledge-I am speaking now from knowledge which I have obtained as solicitor-people's properties are insured for a great deal more than they could be compelled to pay premiums upon, in order, according to my contention, that this parti-

cular insurance agent may receive more commissions on premiums.

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