August 11, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Samuel Francis Glass

Conservative (1867-1942)


The matter to which my
hon. friend refers is not peculiar to the province of New Brunswick. That condition of affairs generally exists throughout Ontario. In my district it is quite a common thing for a bank manager, especially in the smaller places, to have the supervision and control over insurance, which may not only lead to an improper use of it, but which is an injustice to those engaged m that business. I should like to suggest here, also, that the same condition of affairs exists in relation to managers of loan companies. I think they should be debarred from engaging in insurance, as well as the men who are engaged in ordinary commercial banking. I will not say that these large loan companies receive a direct commission, or a division of the commission from the agent, but they arbitrarily direct that, providing a loan is given, the insurance shall be placed with a certain .agent who is known to be closely allied with them. I think that when a man borrows from a loan company, any insurance company which is satisfactory to the Superintendent of Insurance should be considered satisfactory for the requirements and purposes of the individual obtaining the loan. I do not think even the lawyers themselves should have any control or power over individuals and say that they should take insurance with certain companies. If a company is financially sound and responsible, and satisfactory to the Department of Insurance in this country, it should be strong enough and good enough so that a client getting

a loan should be permitted to take insurance in any company he chooses.

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