August 11, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Onésiphore Turgeon



In reference to the
authority of bank .managers to take insurance, I was perhaps the author of that amendment to the Bank Act on behalf of the bank managers in rural districts who *were not getting the salaries they should have from the banks. I remember that I was specially influenced by that consideration, and the Minister of Finance at the time, in accepting the amendment which I proposed, declared to this House that he would use all possible influence upon the banks to have them increase the salaries of their agents to a living wage to take away from them the business which, he admitted, was sometimes conductive to extortion. As I have seen no improvement on the part of the banks since that time, perhaps this might be the time to give effect to the advice of my hon. friend from Carleton (Mr. Carvell). It would be a most influential lever to raise the salaries of bank agents to a fair minimum, and would do away with a practice, which might amount to extortion in some cases.

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