August 11, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Daniel Duncan McKenzie



To my mind, section 508 (c) is very badly drafted. I find it difficult to understand its meaning. It may be clear to an insurance man, but as an ordinary individual I regard it as very complicated and extremely difficult to understand. In view of the provisions of subsection (2) I cannot understand why this is made an indictable offence. The subsection provides a punishment which comes easily within the most ordinary summary conviction. Indictable offences are dealt with in a veTy elaborate, expensive and difficult way, as the minister knows. If the intention is merely to collect a fine ranging from $20 to $50, I do not understand why a man should have to go before the Grand Jury, the Petit Jury and the Supreme Court. It seems to me the machinery provided is altogether too cumbersome for the penalty.

Topic:   XI, 1917
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