March 26, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


The POSTMASTER GENERAL (Hon. Sir William Mulock) :

1. The exact number is not given, but there were about 120 horses, 95 sheep and 285 cattle.
2. The government officials took charge of
120 horses, 95 sheep and 285 cattle. They were sold at auction at no cost to the government.
3. The stock realized $16,024.25. They were sold by C. J. Macfarlane, an auctioneer authorized by the department, and the money was placed in ' trust ' to be expended in the relief of the Doukhobors.
4. The expenses in connection with the Doukhobors' pilgrimage amounted to $7,292. and this was paid from the trust fund. This money was expended by the officials of the department and a receipt was given by three leaders of the Doukhobors duly authorized to do so at a special meeting of the Doukhobors held for the purpose. The details of this expenditure have not been sent to Ottawa.

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