August 31, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Médéric Martin



I am sorry to see that my ihon. friend (Mr. Sutherland) never reads the papers. I gave orders before I left Montreal to the chief of police, Mr. Campeau, that if any one opened his mouth to encourage the people to revolt, he should be arrested. If I am not in Montreal to-day, or if I was not there last night, it is because 331
I thought it was my duty to vote against the Bill to buy the Canadian Northern railway. I had to be here. If you look at La Patrie you will see what we say about Villeneuve:
(Translation) : Villeneuve is the man whom Mayor Martin threatened to have arrested the moment he opened his mouth in public, to preach revolt.
I am doing my duty in Montreal more than the hon. gentleman is doing his duty here. I gave orders and I tried to stop all these meetings. I am willing to go myself on the platform and try to stop these young people. Their proceedings are not in the interest, not only of Montreal, but of all Canada. I do not know why I should be reproached by the hon. gentleman because he does not read the papers. Since the conscription law has been passed I have been doing all I possibly could to counsel our citizens to remain quiet and to obey the law, since the law has been passed. If they do not want to enlist, well and good. These young men are responsible, especially those who come from Ontario. I do not know why they have been sent from Ontario to try and throw the blame on the city of Montreal and province of Quebec.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
Subtopic:   DR. B. A. LEBLANC.
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