September 5, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Hugh Boulton Morphy

Conservative (1867-1942)


I have listened for a long time to this discussion which seems to be more or less of a family quarrel amongst hon. members from Nova Scotia. I have never before seen the minister begged so hard to refrain from giving hon. gentlemen money as the minister has been begged today. I feel like voicing the opinions of my hon. friend (Sir Sam Hughes) and the hon. member for Renfrew (Mr. Graham) that this- is an opportune time to ask the minister to turn his eyes to Ontario, the people of which province want the service that the people of Nova Scotia apparently do not desire.
While I quite understand it is hard to strike out an item that has been inserted after mature deliberation on the part of tlie officials surely the 'minister can do so this afternoon after the heckling he has received from the hon. member for Guys-borough (Mr. Sinclair) who says: I have
a number of friends who are going to get this extension, but, on their behalf, I do not want it and I ask you to strike out the item. The hon. member -for Carleton (Mr. Carvell) -wants to strike out everything. The hon. member for North Cape Breton*(Mr. McKenzie) would also become very economical and not let anything further get to his friends. The hon. -member for Inverness (Mr. Chisholm) is split in two; he is divided in the middle; he wants it and he do-es net want it; he says: If -a real Liberal can get on to the extension, so that he will not be overheard, I want it; if that cannot be done, I do not want it. It is all a question cf politics with hon. gentlemen opposite. I am sorry the hon. member for North Bruce (Mr. Hugh Clark) is not in the House. We have in old Ontario, to say nothing of the new, a large territory in which a system of this kind would be of great advantage. Take the Bruce peninsula, the land contiguous to Georgian bay and lake Huron, the territory running up to lake Nipissing and the north country; we can take thousands of miles of telegraph or telephone lines if the Government will only

give them to us. They would be of great benefit for life-saving purposes when storms occur on the lakes, and for warning against forest fires. These wants are apparently all- satisfied in Nova Scotia.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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