September 5, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Daniel Duncan McKenzie



The hon. member is
altogether wrong in saying that I oppose any accommodation to the people in my county of North Cape Breton and Victoria. The
wrong infcrmation was given to me by the minister. Inadvertently he told me he was going to put in three miles of telephone line at the end of about 100 miles of telegraph line. I could not understand the sense of putting in three miles of telephone line which would have no connection with any telephone system. After a little further inquiry, the minister and I discovered that this was merely a three-mile extension of the telegraph system in the county, and with that I am perfectly satisfied. I did however, combat the idea of building three miles of a telephone line all by itself with no earthly connection with any other telephone line and of no use to anybody. Those telegraph lines in the northern part of Victoria and throughout Cape Breton were put in by our own friends when we were in power, and we are not going to find fault with them to-day.
New Brunswick telegraph and telephone lines -Chatham-Escuminac and Point Sapin telephone line-extension to Kouchibouguac, $3,000.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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