September 5, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Frank Broadstreet Carvell



I do not want to go into a dissertation about the vices or virtues of this telephone company, because I would be very much out of order. I want to say to the hon. gentleman, however, and I am very glad to have an opportunity of making this statement to-day, that the New Brunswick Telephone Company has no monopoly in any portion of the province pf New Brunswick, Any person or any company who can get the rights from the municipal authorities is absolutely free to parallel the lines of the New Brunswick Telephone Company at any place. We have competition in many parts of the province, and we encourage the construction of local companies wherever we can. In many cases we hand over certain territory to those people and say: Now, develop it.
When I hear of the trouble they are having in Ontario in regard to telephone companies, I think there must be something wrong, either with the Bell Telephone Company or with the local companies, because we have no friction whatever in the province of New Brunswick. My hon. friend speaks about the charges made. It may surprise him to learn that in the province of New Brunswick we have the cheapest telephone service in the Dominion, and we have the finest example in Canada of what can be done by a properly organized and properly conducted public utility corporation. We have no mortgages and no bonds, and a very small capitalization.

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