September 8, 1917 (12th Parliament, 7th Session)


Albert Sévigny (Minister of Inland Revenue)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Hon. ALBERT SEVIGNY (Minister of Inland Revenue):

I should like to say just a few words on a point that was raised a few .minutes ago, when it was contended that the Bill now under discussion was not printed in English and French. As I said before, I made inquiry about twelve o'clock to-day at the distribution office to see if the Bill had been printed in French, and was assured that it had been printed in English and French and had been distributed. Let me read to the House a declaration by Mr. T. W. Alexander, assistant distributor:
Ottawa, September 8, 1917. Bill 133 was received at 12.15 and immediately distributed. Hon. Mr. Sevigny telephoned at 12.30 and 1 assured him that the Bill, French and English, was distributed to all the officials. X have personally investigated and have seen that the Bills were distributed in the boxes of tha French members.
(Sgd.) T. W. Alexander.
I have also the following declaration by Mr. Boulet, Chief of Pages:
Mr. Alexander of the Distribution Office notified me about twelve that the Bill was ready in French, and in accordance I notified the pages to file the same, and the Bill was filed as usual.
(Sgd.) E. Boulet.

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