April 5, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


Robert Laird Borden (Prime Minister; Secretary of State for External Affairs)


Rt. Hon. Sir ROBERT BORDEN (Prime Minister):

I desire to bring t>
the attention of hon. members two Orders in Council which received the assent of His Excellency the Governor General yesterday, and both of which are of so important a character that they should be communicated directly to the House. The first is:
At the Government House at Ottawa, Thursday the 4th day of April, 1918.
His Excellency
The Governor General in Council:
Whereas it is necessary to enact suoh regulations as will utilize to -the hest advantage the human energy of Canada for purposes essential to the prosecution of the present war;
And whereas the need of men of military age to provide reinforcements for the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and1 the equally urgent

need for labour to assist in the production of food and of other articles essential for war. purposes, necessitate special provisions to the end that all persons domiciled in Canada shall, in the absence of reasonable cause to the contrary, engage in useful occupations under the regulations hereinafter set forth;
And whereas the (Minister of Agriculture is impressed with the necessity of enacting forthwith the regulations hereinafter set forth, which in his opinion will greatly assist in rendering available for the purpose of production labour which otherwise might not be secured;
And whereas the Minister of Militia and Defence also fully concurs in the enactment of such regulations;
And whereas these regulations are not intended to alfect any right of members of organized labour associations to discontinue their work in the employment in whch they have been engaged when such discontinuance is occasioned by differences actually arising between the employer and the employed. The purpose is to prevent persons capable of useful work from remaining in idleness at a time when the country most urgently requires the service of all human energy available.
His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Right Honourable the Prime Minister and under the powers vested in His Excellency in Council under the War Measures Act, 1914, and under all other powers His Excellency in Council, thereunto enabling, is pleased to make the following regulations and the same are hereby made and enacted accordingly:

Topic:   THE WAR.
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