April 30, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Allister Currie


Mr. J. A. CURRIE (North Simcoe):

We all know that there are some 60,000 exemptions claimed in the province of Quebec. We know that the exemptions of men between the ages of twenty and twenty-two are all wiped out. That settles that question. Did the minister state how many of those exemptions have now come before the tribunals and how they were disposed of? How many cases have come before the Central Appeal Judge and how many exemp- * tions are there now?
Major-General MEWBURN: The figures I gave which I obtained from the Military Service Council were an estimate of the number of men of the ages of twenty, twenty-one and twenty-two to whom exemptions had been granted on account of the result of the medical examinations or their position, and it was estimated in that way there were .about 70,000 men available. Many of those men have not been medically examined and the figures are only an. estimate.
I have not the other figures.

Topic:   THE WAR.
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