April 30, 1918 (13th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Foster Cockshutt



Will the hon. member kindly state the date of ithe Hansard from which he is quoting?
Mr. lMoMASTER: For some weeks past I have been carrying a copy of the hon. gentleman's remarks around with me in my pocket. The hon. member for Brantford addressed the words which I have quoted to the House and which are reported in volume 6 of Hansard of 1912 at page 10,512. I have also carried around with me some other words of the hon. member which are to be found at page 10,517, and I think that the House will,he interested in hearing them. The hon. member said:
The quality of the manufactured goods turned out by Canadian manufacturers is of the best, and the fact that they have competed in the markets of the world against all competitors shows that they are able to compete with the world in quality and in price.
If that is the fact, I would think it well that the farmers of this country should' have the benefit of free agricultural implements in order that they may grow more food and, in that way, help to win the war.
I now propose to deal with the attitude which II believe has been assumed by the big interests of this country to the proposal for the introduction of free agricultural implements. I do not think I am breaking any confidences or saying anything that is not known to the world pretty generally when I say that the presence of stalwart radicals in the Borden Administration of to-day is viewed by the large interests of this country with a certain degree of perturbation, if not of fear; and of course, the attitude of the large interests is not at all due to the character of the representatives in the Borden Administration. That, of course, would cause them only joy and confidence. (It is the economic views-
Sir 6AM HUGHlEiS: Might I correct the hen. member? 1 understood this was the Borden-Rowell administration.

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