March 6, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Samuel Hughes



This is the list as far as I have been able to get it, and I

think it is proper that it should be placed on record. If there are any omissions, they are unintentional, and I am sure the House will permit me, if necessary, to amend it at any future time. I am very pleased to correct some omissions already.
Mr. E. W. Nesbitt, member for North Oxford, has his son at the front.
I am also told that Mr. W. D. Euler, member for North Waterloo, has a son at the front. I do not know whether Mr. Euler has German blood in his veins, but I am prepared to pay the very highest tribute to Canadians of German origin who went over with the first contingent and who fought as fearlessly and well as any of our men for Canada.
To these let me add the name of Col. Sam. Sharpe, who commanded the 116th Battalion at the front and rendered gallant service.
I had the honour, the same as many others, of being elected a member of this Parliament at the last general election. Long before Union Government was ever heard of, long before there was an election, I was pledged to. do my duty as in me lay for the upbuilding of the cause of human liberty and the over-throwing of autocracy in Germany, Austria or any other part of the world where it might raise its hydra head.

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