March 20, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)




1. What position is occupied overseas by Lt.-Colonel Pichfi, of Montreal?
2. By whom was he recommended for such position?
[Mr. Stevens. 1
3. Has he ever served in any capacity in France?
4. If not, what special qualifications justify his appointment to a position in England?
Major-General MEWBURN:
1. Overseas representative of the Director of Records, Militia Headquarters, and, in addition to these duties, at the request of the Overseas Minister, is acting as liaison officer.
2. Adjutant-General.
3. No.
4. This officer, throughout his service in the Canadian Militia and Canadian Expeditionary Force, has shown excellent administrative ability, has a thorough training in Records as required in Canada, and is possessed of considerably more than 'the average amount of tact,-an essential attribute in carrying out his present duties.

Subtopic:   LT.-COLONEL PICHE.
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