March 31, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Thomas White (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)


Sir THOMAS WHITE (Acting Prime Minister) :

The Inside and Outside Civil Service has always conformed to local municipal regulations with regard to time. Therefore the Civil Service will, so far as practicable, conform to local time as established by municipal regulation.
With regard to the sessions of Parliament, which now begin every afternoon at three o'clock, except upon Wednesdays, when the session begins at two o'clock standard time, it has not yet been intimated to thp Government what official action will be "taken by the city of Ottawa;-that we shall know by to-morrow.
We also desire to await the decision of the Board of Railway Commissioners on the question of railway time tables, which will be before it for consideration to-morrow! The House will therefore meet to-morrow by standard time, as it has met to-day. After we have received official information as to the action taken by the City of Ottawa
and the decision of the Board of Railway Commissioners, I shall announce to the House the course which will be suggested by the Government with respect to the hour of the meeting of Parliament, having regard to the convenience of members.

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