March 18, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Samuel Hughes


Mr. HUGHES (Victoria).

I shall conclude with a motion to adjourn the House. I would draw the attention of the minister to another aspect of this case. A large number of the soldiers who have been with the regiment in Halifax have recently taken their discharge and they are very dissatisfied because they had to leave in their civilian clothes. Some of them state that the order was that they should not only hand in their overcoats, fur caps and *boots, but also their ordinary kharki uniform. It seems rather hard that the men should be sent home at this season of the year without their overcoats, or without being in position to get civilian clothes. Many of these men, I suppose, disposed of their civilian clothes when they enlisted or returned them to tlielr homes. I saw some of the men on the train in their light kharki uniform; in fact it was a mixture, some having civilian and others military caps. I would suggest to the minister that each man should retain the overcoat and the other parts of the uniform that he had worn for a year. The orders to, the contrary have caused a good deal of dissatisfaction. I do not wish to find fault; in fact I am not sufficiently posted on the details at the present time, but as other men will be returning, I trust that the minister will look into the question. I beg to move the adjournment of the House.

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