May 8, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. ROBB: (Chief Government Whip)

Laurier Liberal

1. Has the Government passed an Order in Council under the War Measures Act, providing for the audit of the Militia accounts in Canada by an official of that department?
2. Has the Auditor General been asked to accept the audit by the official of the Militia Department without receiving the usual accounts and evidence of payment required by the Statutes?
3. Has the Government power under the War Measures Act to compel the Auditor General to accept an audit performed by an official over whom he has no control?
4. Who is the official appointed by the said Order in Council? How long has he been in the employ of the Militia Department, what is his salary and what was his occupation or profession prior to his being employed by the Militia?
Major-General MEWBURN:
1. P.C. 316, dated February 8, 1918, provides for the appointment of a general auditor for the Militia Department, responsible to the deputy minister. Previous to this date, the audit was carried out as a part of the work of the branch of the Accountant and Paymaster General.
2. Under P.C. 1136, dated May 22, 1918, the General Auditor of the Militia Department was removed from the jurisdiction of that department and "made responsible to and under the control of the Auditor General." This step was taken after consultation with the late Auditor General, who has initialled the original Report to Privy Council. This was done in vierw of the tremendous expenditure of the Department of Militia and Defence under War Appropriation, and the provisions of the said Order in Council have been accepted by the present Auditor General as a temporary measure, until such time as the Militia Department comes back to its ordinary level. Under the provisions of P.C. 1136, all accounts are audited before payment by the representa-

tive of the Auditor General* thus safeguarding public funds to the greatest extent possible. The Auditor General still receives the usual accounts and evidence of payment. Previous to the passing of P.C. 1136, these accounts were paid by the Department of Militia and Defence and post-audit carried out by the Auditor General. Under the provisions of P.C. 1136, all accounts are audited before payment by the representative of the Auditor General.
3. Yes-Answered by Nos. 1 and 2. The Auditor General was a party to the arrangement, and not compelled, as implied.
4. Lieut.-Colonel D. F. Pidgeon joined the C.E.F. on August 10, 1914, as a lieutenant; was promoted to the rank of captain and served overseas 12 months, 9 months of which in France

Salary, $4,182.50, same as General Auditor Overseas-Paid as an officer, Canadian Expeditionary Force-Previous occupation, financial and real estate broker.
For a copy of all letters, telegrams and other papers regarding supplies purchased for the Yukon Telegraph Lines, during the fiscal year 1918-19, including copy of all tenders, the names of the tenderers and the amounts of each tender.

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