May 26, 1919 (13th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Hon. Mr. BALLANTYNE: (Minister of Marine and Fisheries; Minister of the Naval Service)


1. C.G.S. Loos.
2. Wm. Tremblay, May 5, 1919, appointed by Civil Service Commission.
3. His captain's certificate is dated April 8, 1915.
4. No information in Naval Service Department. The advertising for this position was carried out by the Civil Service Commission.
Dr. O. B. KEDDY.
Mr. d'ANJOU:
1. Was O. B. Keddy of Windsor, county of Hants, physician, in any way in the employ of the Militia Department of Canada, or in connection with the British Expeditionary Forces stationed at Windsor, Hants county, during- the war?
2. If so, in what capacity was he so engag-ed, what work was required of him, how much time was he required to devote to it and what was the rate per day and the total amount of money received by him?
Major-General MEWBURN:
1 and 2. Yes; he was employed as medical officer examining recruits for the Imperial army and railway construction troops. He was paid as follows: Under 50 men, $1 per
[DOT] 2798

head; 50 to 100 men, $2 per day; 100 to 150 men, $3 a day; 150 and over, $4 a day. Dr. Keddy was paid a total amount of $1,436.44; $607 of this was incurred in examining recruits for the Imperial army, and is being recovered from the Imperial Government.

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