April 23, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


The MINISTER OF JUSTICE (Hon. Charles Fitzpatrick).

In the absence of the Minister of Agriculture (Hon. Mr. Fisher)
I beg to answer the hon. gentleman's (Mr. Talbot's) question as follows :
1. The Minister of Agriculture authorized the employment of Dr. C. E. Saunders to take charge of the work of cereal breeding and other branches of experimental work in agriculture at the Central Experimental Farm.
2. He is a son of Dr. William Saunders, Director of Dominion Experimental Farms.
3. His regular employment in his present capacity dates from January 1st, 1903, and his salary is S100 per month.
4. His employment was authorized by the Minister of Agriculture, who was personally familiar with the work he had already done in the cross-breeding of cereals and fruits.

5. He was transferred to this work from the exhibition branch of the Department of Agriculture, where he had been engaged in preparing a series of agricultural photographs for the Japanese and St. Louis exhibitions.
G. Dr. O. E. Saunders is an honour graduate and silver medalist of Toronto University in the department of natural science, and a doctor of philosophy of the science department of Johns Hopkins University. For some years past he has been employed at intervals at the Central Experimental Farm to carry on the work of cross-breeding in cereals and in hardy fruits for the Northwest, and during this period most of the new varieties originated at the farm have been the result of his efforts.

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