April 30, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


George Taylor (Chief Opposition Whip; Whip of the Conservative Party (1867-1942))

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. G. TAYLOR (South Leeds).

Before the Orders of the Day are called, I wish to call the attention of the House and particularly of the Minister of Public Works, to what I think every lion, member will consider a grievance. I am not going to say anything with reference to the city of Ottawa-I leave it for the electors of the city to deal with the corporation at the proper time. I understand that this government is paying a large sum annually to the city of Ottawa for the purpose of carrying on some permanent improvements, and in return, they are to receive all the water required for the use of the parliament buildings and grounds, together with other considerations that may not amount to much. What I would like to ask is why the government are not making better use of the water by having the grounds sprinkled. To-day it is only at the risk of a man's life almost, that he goes from this House to the main gate of the grounds. As I passed down just before dinner, some of the new loam which has been put on the roads, but which is now turned into dust, came in a cloud and practically blinded me. If the government are entitled to use all the water they require, there are certainly men enough around the departments idle who could use that water to sprinkle the roads and lay the dust. I know that it is only necessary to draw the attention of the Minister of Public Works (Hon. Mr. Sutherland) to this matter and he will see that the necessary steps are taken.

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