April 30, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Frank Oliver


Mr. FRANK OLIVER (Alberta).

Before the Orders of the Day are called, I desire to draw the attention of the government to
the very remarkable rumours that have been in circulation during the last twenty-four hours as to earthquakes and volcanoes in the vicinity of the town of Frank, in the district of Alberta. Apparently, these rumours of disturbances of that nature are absolutely unfounded, as also the reports of the immense destruction of life and property. I take the liberty of putting the matter before the government and the House in this way, because the circulation of such unfounded reports disturbing the public mind and causing anguish to relatives as well as doubts as to the values of property is a crime which should be punished. I would suggest to the government that, if it is possible to fix the responsibility for the circulation of such reports, measures should be taken to fix that responsibility and mete out the proper punishment. I would like further to draw attention to the fact that, although the reports were so greatly and unpardonably exaggerated, there still has been a serious loss of life arising from such a cause and under such circumstances, as, it appears to me, would very well warrant thorough investigation. Apparently, according to the latest reports, a landslide occurred which had the effect of displacing the drifts in the mine in actual operation. Before the mine should properly be put in operation again, it seems to me, means should be taken to satisfy all concerned that another slide of like nature or worse is not likely to occur. That is to say, I would respectfully suggest that an investigation should be held on the ground, as to the cause of the trouble which did take place, as to its results, and as to the probability of further trouble occurring.

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