April 30, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Duncan Cameron Fraser



Now, I have got my authority. So, this tariff is not the same as the tariff of the late government. Therefore, the present government has made a reduction. So, let us not hear anybody else say anything about our having stolen the clothes of the hon. gentlemen opposite. AAre have the hon. gentleman for Bothwell (Mr. Clancy), for whom I have the highest respect, declaring that the tariff of the late government is not the same ns ours. If the tariff is to be changed, is it to be lower than that of, the present government, or is it to be as high or even higher than the tariff before 1896 ? AVe know pretty well that hon. gentlemen opposite do not propose to go back to the old tariff, for the manufacturers will not accept that, as they want more. Now, if this is a lower tariff than the former one, that matter is settled.
Mr. CLANCY'. But it is not settled that it is a lower one.

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