October 23, 1919 (13th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles Murphy

Laurier Liberal

Hon. CHARLES MURPHY (Russell):

1 desire to call the attention of the Government to a despatch which appears in this morning's paper and to ask a question with reference thereto. The despatch in question is a cablegram from Melbourne, Australia, purporting to give a summary of a report which has been made by Lord Jellicoe, and in the course of the message the following occurs: [DOT]
The report declares that the naval interests, of the empire will likely demand within the next five years a strong far eastern fleet comprising vessels of the Royal Navy East Indian squadron and Australian, Canadian and New Zealand navies. The report suggests that each dominion and India and also Great Britain should hear the cost of vessels specially allocated for the defence of their own harbours. The annual cost of maintenance of the far eastern fleet is estimated at twenty million pounds sterling. Australia's share would he four million.
I would like to ask the Minister of Justice, who seems to be leading the House, if he has any information to give on this subject and if Canada is to be taxed in the way described.

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