November 7, 1919 (13th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Horatio Clarence Hocken



I think it is somethin? that ought to be provided for. I think that no man who is disabled-and in particular none of those who were totally disabled-should be allowed to suffer from any lack of the beslt comforts that life can give to a iman; and further, I believe it is the feeling of the House and of the country that no matter how much money may be needed for that purpose it must be obtained. I think I am in the judgment of the House in saying that it is incumbent upon us to make that provision.

Now, Sir, the committee was presented with various plans. Mr. Flynn's plan, 1 think, received just about as much consideration as it deserved. Some other plans also received consideration. But I want to express my disappointment-and this is the criticism that I have to make of the report -that the committee did not go into conference with the members of the Great War Veterans' Association in regard to the plan of that organization. I know that the Great War Veterans' Association plan was submitted to and considered by the committee, but I think it was unfortunate that they did not go further and call the members of the Great War Veterans' committee into conference, sit down with them, and see how far they could go in adopting the plans which they recommended. I (want to say, Mr. Speaker, that in my judgment no group of men have rendered greater service to Canada since the armistice was signed than the men who are carrying on the work of the Great War Veterans' Association. I believe, Sir, that that organization has been a steadying influence, second to none, in the Dominion; we had evidence of that during the comparatively recent occurrences in Winnipeg. They are a body of patriots who are loyal to Canada, not only in time of war but in time of peace, and I think they occupy a position, especially with regard to this particular question, that should have led the committee to see the tactical wisdom of going into conference with them with a view to determining to what extent the proposals that were made by the association could be adopted.

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