November 10, 1919 (13th Parliament, 3rd Session)



Laurier Liberal

1. How many submarine cables for telegraphic purposes exist at the present time between Canada and the European countries?

2. When has each one been laid?
3. How many belong to private corporations, and how many, if any, to the Canadian people?
4. Is any one owned by the Canadian people, partly or wholly? If so, how many purchased, from whom, and how many laid by the Government ?
5. Has any one been built or laid by the Government? If so, at what cost?
6. Has any one been purchased by the Government? If so, from whom and at what cost?
7. What revenue has this country derived from these cables?
8. Under the administration of -what minister of the Crown did the laying or purchase of such submarine cable or cables take place?
9. What department is in control of such cable or cables, and who are the employees connected therewith in this country and outside of this country, respectively?
10. Have any messages, from ministers of the Crown or under their direction, such messages paid. by the public treasury or sent free of charge, been transmitted through submarine cable belonging partly or wholly to the Canadian people, said messages having something to do directly or indirectly, with the soldiers' votes overseas and also the return to this country of officers and soldiers before demobilization took place?
11. If so, from whom did such messages come, and to whom have they been addressed?

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